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What Makes Us So Special?

What's our story?

Why are we here?

"To provide you a selection of the best-priced goods, no matter where you are in the world."

 Here's what makes us special...

✅  World-wide shipping?

✅  Crazy low-priced (sometimes free) items?

✅  Want awesome stuff your friends don't have? 

✅  The best customer service since shoe shining was a thing?

What is Voldere?

We love cool stuff. Gadgets, fashion, health and fitness, whatever.

We all found ourselves buying a ton of stuff online and shipping it here because it was hard to get in New Zealand.

So what did we do?

We worked together to find a way to bring awesome stuff to our Facebook crew for cheap.

So no matter where you are in the world, we are gonna get you cool shit delivered straight to your door for a damn good price :)

What about our team?

Lucy is mad about marketing and one of the most generous people we've ever met. If you're on our email list or need some help with your orders, Lucy is the girl you'll be hearing from. 

She's adopted almost every type of animal possible from roadside accidents or when they get orphaned. Rabbits, birds, mice, even a goat! 


Rachel works as our product hunter. She's an assassin when it comes to scoping out hot products that you guys would live. She's on eBay, Reddit, and a ton of forums looking for crazy things we can list on our store.

She also negotiates with our merchants to make sure we get your products to you on time, and at the best price (thank Rachel if you get one of the free promotions!). In her spare time, Rachel goes snowboarding and likes to head to SnapDragon on the weekend (sorry Rachel, it had to be said).


Jay works on the Facebook side and looks after our page, as well as helping to organize things in the store. It gets a little crazy with so many products, prices changing all the time. If you see an error on the store anywhere, shoot Jay a message on the contact form!

In his spare time, Jay likes to write poetry and go birdwatching. Yea, he's 100% hipster, but like, "hipster before hipster was a thing".

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